I wish I was… Darren Ward

by andjustin4all

In case you were unaware I am obsessed with The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe or as it’s more charmingly nicknamed OHOTMU.  So when I came across this blog dedicated to redesign and drawing every character from the mid 80’s comic encyclopedia, I immeeeeediately spent the next day and half scrolling through every entry and became insanely jealous that there was little or no way I would get to be part of it. FUUUUUUUCK!

Anywho, I kept coming back to certain characters and turns out they were all drawn by Darren Ward. Someone at Marvel get this guy his own Teen Titany cartoon on Disney or something. Now. I can’t stand that baby Avengers nonsense.


Crimson Dynamo final

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Hela  by Darren Ward

Hammer and Anvil final

Darren’s work can be found at creaturesforhire.blogspot.com or tweet @creatureforhire

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